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Poker Player Profiles

Alan Goehring
Alan Goehring, born February 21, 1962, was not always a professional poker player but he certainly loves the life now.  Goehring is a former trader and analyst from Henderson, Nevada who retired to take up full time poker at the age of 37...   (Read More)

Amarillo Slim
Amarillo Slim A.K.A Thomas Austin Preston Jr. was born December 31, 1928 in Arkansas. While still a young child his family moved to Texas and to this day he considers himself a full-blooded Texan...    (Read More)

Annie Duke
Annie Duke, born September 13, 1965 in Concord, New Hampshire, is the daughter of a writer and sibling to poker great Howard Lederer.  Judging from her level of education it is hard to see how she made the turn to full time poker...    (Read More)

Adam Schoenfield
If you mention the name Adam Schoenfeld in one of the many poker rooms around Las Vegas you are not likely to get much of a response.  While there are those that do recognize the name many will not and that is all right with the...    (Read More)

Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari is one of the younger players in the poker world today but that does not mean that he is a pushover.  Actually, the exact opposite is true of the Iran born former magician.  Born December 8, 1978 just outside of Tehran...    (
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Barny Boatman
Barny Boatman is one of the most famous of all the professional poker players from the UK.  Boatman has yet to reveal his date of birth (most often he says “Yesterday”) so his accurate age is yet undetermined...    (Read More)

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein looks like a lot of things but a professional poker player is not one of them.  With a slow looking face and some what blank look that hides the tells better than any pair of sunglasses ever could, Barry Greenstein is one of the top players in the game today...    (Read More)

Carlos Mortensen
Carlos Mortensen is one of the most unbelievable poker players that has ever set foot inside the casinos for a poker tournament.  This is a bold statement but it is supported by those who have played against the young man...    (Read More)

Chris Ferguson
Of all the players and champions that have come out of the new found fame of the World Series of Poker, none are more recognizable then Chris “Jesus” Ferguson.  Gaining the nickname Jesus from his trademark long brown hair and beard...    (Read More)

Chris Moneymaker
Coming out of nowhere to take the top spot didn’t seem like any thing strange to Chris Moneymaker, but to the rest of the world it was nothing short of amazing.  For a career, Accounting was Moneymaker’s forte and he received a Masters degree...    (Read More)

Charlie Shoten
Most people would not consider Charlie Shoten to be a professional poker player.  For one thing he is not full time, but rather enjoys the game in his off time from his job as an Insurance Executive.  But, people often underestimate...    (Read More)

Chip Reese
David Edward “Chip” Reese is one of the many veterans in the poker world and one of the many that has yet to win the coveted World Series of Poker main event bracelet, but that all matters very little to the high class...    (
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Daniel Negreanu
For Daniel Negreanu poker has always been the dream and he has taken that dream to the next level by being the second highest money earner in history for tournament play.  But it has not always been so easy.  Negreanu started out playing wherever...    (Read More)

Doyle Brunson
Few people make as much of a mark on a sport as Doyle Brunson has on poker.  Brunson has been playing poker professionally for more than forty years and still continues to be a major competitor in the sport and a prolific author on the subject as...    (Read More)

Dan Harrington
Few players in the poker world can achieve greatness the same way that Dan Harrington has.  While he is considered to be one of the best in the game today, he is also one of the most cautious and tight players as well...    (Read More)

Dave Ulliott
English professional poker player Dave Ulliott is a one of a kind champion and he knows it.  In the early years he was referred to as “Dave the Clock” because he used a grandfather clock to buy in to tournament when he was young...    (
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David Williams
Born June 9, 1980 David Williams is a bit of a strange story in the poker world.  Being a rather young player, Williams concentrated his efforts on the card game called Magic the Gathering which has several cash tournaments...    (
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Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel is one who enjoys risks and that much is shown through his impressive tournament play and his former employment.  Born in New York City (there is no birth date listed for him) he began his gambling career as a tournament...    (Read More)

Greg Raymer
Greg Raymer was born in 1964 in Minot, North Dakota before moving to Lansing, Michigan then again to Florida.  It was a long time before the call of poker would make its way to Raymer and he spent more than ten years as a practicing patent...    (Read More)

Gus Hansen
Danish life is fast paced and always on the go and that point is made with the Danish poker star Gus Hansen.  He has spent his life in pursuit of sports and gambling and he has excelled at both points even from a very young age.  Hansen began his professional career as a backgammon player and he was one of the top competitors...    (Read More)

Howard Lederer
As a player there are few that are better than the prolific Howard Lederer.  Known as The Professor because of his overall demeanor when playing, Howard Lederer is one of the few players that is actually feared at the tables because he can be...    (Read More)

Isabelle Mercier
In a sport that is dominated by the male of the species, Isabelle Mercier is proving that women are just as powerful around the table as any man could ever be.  Born August 5, 1975, Mercier began her professional life as an attorney...    (Read More)

Jennifer Harman
Because the sport of poker is almost completely dominated by men, Jennifer Harman and her fellow women players need to work much harder and be much better than the rest and that is exactly what she has done.  While she is actually known as...    (Read More)

Joe Beevers
Joe Beevers may hail from England but he has proven that he is one the finest players in the world.  A member of the now famous Hendon Mob, Beevers enjoys the game more than anyone known.  He is a smiling and personable player that has...    (Read More)

Joseph Hachem
When someone comes out of nowhere to win the top prize in the World Series of Poker, it tends to send a ripple through the world and that is exactly what happened when Joseph Hachem strolled through the casino doors and walked out over...    (Read More)

Johnny Chan
When speaking of poker the name Johnny Chan springs to mind in an instant.  Few players are as recognizable as the man called the Orient Express and that is no surprise.  The world of poker was taken by surprise when Chan hit the...    (Read More)

Kathy Liebert
Kathy Liebert was not the type to enter the sometimes uncertain world of poker but she did and she is making history while doing it.  While there is a lot about her that people do not know, she is actually one of the most fun people to play...    (Read More)

Kassem Deeb
Kassem Deeb is a foreign born American poker player and a great one at that.  Born November 27. 1946 Deeb emigrated to the US from Lebanon when he was 19 to study at the University of Utah for mechanical engineering...    (Read More)

Layne Flack
Layne Flack is one of the more tragic but great poker players that is currently on the circuit.  Born May 18, 1969 in Rapid City, South Dakota, Layne was not a poker player to begin with but he did work in a casino where he learned the best...    (Read More)

Marcel Luske
Marcel Luske has not done anything that is all that incredible in the world of poker but that does not mean he is not famous by any stretch.  Born in 1953 inside Amsterdam, Luske has managed to build an image of popularity despite the fact that he...    (Read More)

Marten De Knijff
Martin De Knijff is one of the best poker players to come out of Sweden that the world has ever seen.  Of course that is saying a lot for someone who does not play poker year round.  He instead enters the tournaments that he wants to play...    (Read More)

Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori is not what you would call the best in the business for poker but he is no slouch to say the least.  Pescatori has been a regular on the tournament circuit for quite some time and he works as hard as anyone to maintain throughout...    (Read More)

Michael Mizrachi
While it is not so widely known as other professional poker players, Michael Mizrachi is still a highly skilled and competent player that is making waves in the community.  However, poker was the farthest thing from his mind when...    (Read More)

Mike Matusow
Poker is known as the gentleman’s game for the certain etiquette that most of the players follow, but Mike Matusow is not one such player.  Early in his career he earned the nickname “The Mouth” for his penchant for constant...    (
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Mike Sexton
Sexton was a gymnast and attended Ohio State where he earned a degree in public recreation after changing majors from business. He jokes that he majored in poker because he played very frequently in college...    (
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Paul Phillips
There has been no more controversial player in the world of poker than Paul Phillips.  Despite being one of he toughest competitors in the game he has single handedly managed to get himself banned from the World Series of Poker then...    (Read More)

Phil Ivey
Poker has been good to the young people in the last ten years and that much is certainly true of Phil Ivey.  There is little that does not scream success about this super star of the card tables.  He is an all around great player that is only lacking...    (Read More)

Phil Laak
Phil Laak is one of the rare poker players that is not afraid to let it all hang out.  This comes on the storm of controversy that he acts unprofessional during the games but Laak will hear nothing of it. He says that poker is a game and that...    (Read More)

Paul Clark
Paul Clark is one of the many professional poker players that are wildly admired not only for their skill in the game but also for the life he lead prior to showing up in the world of poker.  Before starting his career Clark was in Vietnam...    (Read More)

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth, born July 16, 1964 is one of the highly recognizable names in the world of poker and that is no surprise.  Thanks to his young appearance and overall command of the game he became the youngest player in history...    (
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Robert Turner
Robert “Chip Burner” Turner is no slouch in the poker world but he is far from the superstar status that so many have achieved.  Turner began playing in 1970 and has been a mainstay in the poker community ever since...    (
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Rusty Mandap
Many professional poker players prefer to not have day jobs because it tends to limit the amount of time that they have for their first love.  This is not the case with professional poker player Rusty Mandap.  While he is...    (
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Scotty Nguyen
There is nothing bad that can be said about Scotty Nguyen and his style of playing.  Being one of the most outspoken and emotional players in the game has served him well and he enjoys the time that he has at the tables more than anyone...    (Read More)

Stu Ungar
Few stories are more tragic than that of Stu Ungar and his rise and fall from greatness.  Born on September 8, 1953, Ungar was known as not only a world class poker player but also the best there was at gin rummy.  There was little that Ungar...    (Read More)

Ted Forrest
Even though he has won a lot of it, Ted Forrest has little regard for money and that is what makes him one of the most dangerous players in the game today.  Forrest began his poker career in 1993 with a three bracelet win in the World Series of...    (Read More)

Todd Brunson
Todd Brunson is the son of one of the most legendary poker players in the world, Doyle Brunson.  This is a fact but you will not find him riding on the coat tails of his famous father as he has no need to do so.  Brunson has shown that he can hold...    (Read More)

Tom McEvoy
Tom McEvoy has been playing poker since he was five years old and that is quite an accomplishment for a man who is now nearly sixty.  He began playing at a tender age and was busted many times for playing in grade school but this did...    (Read More)

T.J Cloutier
T.J. Cloutier is one of the oldest players in the game and also one of the most successful.  Despite the fact that he has yet to win a World Series of Poker main event bracelet, Cloutier is one of the finest players in the game today...    (Read More)

Vince Van Patten
Vince Van Patten born October 17, 1957 is not a professional poker player in the truest sense of the words, moreover he is barely a poker player at all.  He is actually an actor with a penchant for the game and has...    (
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