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Gambling Jokes

Gambling has always seemed to follow certain patterns and stereotypes. Gambling ages do vary around the world, but it is clear it is something for adults, and casinos are mainly visited by men. Since that is the reality, it isn’t so funny. Gambling jokes have been created, like gambling itself, to be a reality away from reality. The more outrageous they are, the funnier they are.

So it wasn’t surprising that the most outrageous types of gambling would be put into jokes.  Not all are hilarious, but poke fun at the sport, and those who attempt it. The stereotype in gambling jokes don’t necessarily involve casinos, whether online casinos or off, but do hold dear to the idea. The idea being to play any game for end result wins. It could be money, a dare, or ownership of something. In jokes, sense goes right out the window, the idea seems to be surrounding less of the gambling act itself, but scenery for what the gambler will do or say.

Main gambling joke stereotypes surround the dumb blonde female, the ever faithful dog, the pride a joy smart child, and the established married couple. Each either shows a ridiculously dumb approach to gambling, or a smart approach. In the first two cases of the blonde and the dog, both represent the dumb gamblers, and the child and couple represent smart approaches to gambling. In jokes, gambling seems more the idea of betting on something, than actual money wagering. 

Since it was discussed of what these jokes symbolize, it is important to first hand view what exactly is being discussed here.  The jokes below symbolize each character in gambling joke stereotypes discussed here, and what it says about these individuals. That all, and why they are so simply cute or funny for a chuckle.

Blonde Gambler:
A blonde went to Atlantic City, looking to play the slots. She loved slots, and had been waiting a long time for a trip out to a casino to really play. She made it to all the casinos looking for the best place to play. Finally she found a place, and picked a machine she thought was lucky for wins. She was throwing dollars upon dollars into the machine, and sure enough she was getting back coins. Finally the manager of the casino came up to the woman, and asked her politely if she could just leave the change machine alone.

Dog Gambler:
A man walks into a casino, and at the entrance there was a Labrador Retriever playing poker. Curious, he went to check out the play action. Sure enough the dog was playing, and seemingly making good hands. After three rounds, the man said, “I can’t believe that this dog can play, he must be the smartest dog in the world!"
 The owner replied, “ I’d like to take credit for this, but my dog, he isn't that smart, he doesn’t know how to bluff, every time he gets a good hand, he just sits there and howls."

Child Gambler:
A concerned father goes to his son’s school one day, pleading for some assistance. “My son gambles, and I don’t know what to do, Could you help me?” "I don't know where it started, but it needs to stop."

The principal wanting to help the concerned father agreed to help. One week passes, and the principal contacts the father with the news that his son is cured. The father intrigued asks, “How?”

The principal answers "Well, I saw him looking at my, hair.”

"I bet that’s hair piece,” the boy says.

"How much?” the father said, and the principal said "$5”

"What happened?" asked the father.

"Well, I pulled my hair, which is all there, to show him it was natural. I made him give me $5. That'll teach him a lesson."

"No, it won't," said the father. “My boy bet me $15 this morning that he'd be the one to make you pullout hair by the end of the day!"

Married Couple Gambler.
A man was quietly drinking his morning coffee when his wife smacked him in the head with her purse. "What was that for?" he says. "That was for the piece of paper I found in your pants pocket with the name Penelope written on it", she replies. He replies "Two weeks ago I went to the races, on my lunch hour, and Penelope was the name of one of the horses I bet on." Figuring it seemed like her husband to go to the races on time off from work; she apologizes, and walks away. Three days later he's again sitting in his chair doing the same morning routine, when she nails him again, this time repeatedly. "What the hell was that for?” he yelled. “Your Philly stopped by," she yelled.