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Listed below are short reviews of four of the biggest casino software providers, to see extended reviews please click on the (read more) link below each review.

Playtech is a class act online casino and gambling software provider, founded in 1999. The people behind Playtech are very impressive, with knowledge in many fields including multimedia and land based casino operations. The expertise of the people behind Playtech has helped to develop this software to one be of the best on the internet. Playtech has been the forerunner for introduction of many aspects of online gaming such as transactional histories, real time gaming and a fantastic means of fraud detection. With this aspect, players can feel totally safe with their money in a Playtech Casino. Another Playtech first was the introduction of Live Dealers and Live Games. With this feature you're actually able to see and talk to your dealer while playing, and this helps to set the overall atmosphere of a world class casino.          (
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Microgaming has devoted itself to producing the top of the line online casino and gambling software available today. Once you've played at a Microgaming Casino, you'll be hooked. Not only are the graphics realistic and very eye pleasing, they help to set the mood for a fantastic time gambling. The games are 100% fair and the outcomes of the games are generated by a random number generator that assures the fairness and integrity of each game. Couple with superb graphics are equally stunning sound effects that duplicate the sounds found in the best land based casinos. You get the same feeling from hearing all the bells and whistles sounding off as you would at any casino in the world, that adrenaline rush is definitely there!          (
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Odds On
Odds On Gaming has been around since early 1998, they were opened to meet the every growing needs of all of the e-companies. Shortly after that they decided that they were going to start to develop casino games to meet the rising demand. The software used to be made up of java, but was closely following by the easy to download version. This is one of the top 5 software companies in the business, with a large staff of developers who are dedicated to bring a large selection of great quality casino games.          (
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RealTime Gaming or RTG as it will be referred to from here on, was founded in 1998 with one goal in mind to create Internet software available for everyone. In the recent history they have realized that goal and gone far beyond it. They are now one of the most powerful, successful casino software providers on the Internet and they continue to grow everyday. They make sure that they have the best people working for them so that they can continue to bring their customer base new games, the best in game programming, and offer the casinos a great way to manage their business.          (
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