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Video Poker

Video Poker is the most exciting addition to casinos ( whether online or land based ) since the introduction of Baccarat in the late 1960's. There are many versions to pick from such as Jacks of Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, All American, Joker Poker and many more. And recently online casinos have begun introducing multi Hand games that allow you to play as many as 50 or more hands at one time, increasing your odds of winning. Video Poker is based on the traditional poker games like Jacks or Better with the object being to make the highest ranking hand possible with what you are dealt. On your first hand, you're dealt five cards and you have the opportunity to discard the cards you don't want or need, and receive new cards to make the best hand. The ranking of hands varies slightly with each type of game, with the Natural Royal Flush normally being the highest ranking hand that you can have.

To understand the different types of hands you need to get in order to win in Video Poker, look at the pay table. Most games will list the order of importance starting at the top with the Royal Flush and working downwards to a single pair hand. Some games require a minimum of a pair of 10's or Better, or Jacks or Better in order to win. The payouts on each type of hand will also vary from each type of game. For instance, a Flush in Jacks or Better may pay you 30 coins when betting the maximum coins , while a Flush in Deuces Wild pays 15 coins when betting the maximum coins. The reason for this difference in payouts on these two games is that in Jacks or Better there are no Wild Cards, therefore it's a bit less common to receive certain hands, while in Deuces Wild there are four Wild Cards, making the odds greater for getting winnings hands, more often. Read the rules for each game if it's your first time playing, so you'll be aware of the nuances of that game.