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Privacy Policy

Our policy on Privacy is set to protect you, our visitor. Be assured
that we will not share, sell or distribute any information given to us by you.
What this includes is your email address, name, physical address or any other private information about yourself that you submit to us. We value the privacy of our visitors.

Please be advised that should you receive any mailing(s) from us, these
will not include any attachment(s) nor will they include any type of file(s). If you should receive a mailing that includes something like the aforementioned, and it is presented as being from us, do not open it, delete it and report it to us as soon as possible, as we are not the senders. We will from time to time, send you news and updates concerning the casinos, sportsbooks or bingo sites that we promote on this site, these mailings may include clickable links, or links you can cut and paste into your browser. If you should ever have a question or concern about any mailing that we send to you, contact us and we will validate it.