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Keno is played worldwide in one form or another and has remained popular for many years in part due to the thrill of possibly winning a huge amount of money for a small investment. Numbers have intrigued people as far back in time as we have been using numbers. There is an art form to picking numbers for many people, and there are personal 'strategies' applied when it comes to picking numbers in a game of chance such as Keno.

Keno in it's basic form is simply a display board showing numbers from 1 to 80 which can be marked off on a card as the numbers are called. A player can select up to 15 numbers in hopes that a portion of these numbers will match the 15 numbers that are called.Similar to Bingo, these numbers are drawn randomly by any number of ways of selection. In online casinos, these numbers are produced by a random number generator that pops out numbers on the screen and then are marked off or highlighted on the Keno board for comparison to the numbers selected by the players or players. Payouts for choosing a set amount of selected numbers vary slightly from casino to casino. For example, a player selects 8 numbers and at the end of a round there are 5 numbers on the Keno board that match the numbers the player has picked, the player wins a predetermined amount for achieving that amount of correct numbers.

Online Keno offers players an entertaining and exciting version of the game. Online Casinos offer their own take on the game, with different themes and wonderfully designed graphics and sound effects that make the game even more entertaining. A player makes his choice of numbers on the Keno board and play begins. Once the balls start dropping, matching numbers are lit up on the board, and score is kept until the last ball has dropped and the last number has been shown. Unlike some land based Keno, Online Keno games automatically payout for all winning hits. For example, you've selected 8 numbers and 6 of those numbers are lit up on the Keno board, you are paid according to the payout table. The payout table is located right on the same screen as as the Keno board, normally off to one side so you can compare at all times. The lowest payout is usually the cost of the game and can go as high as 10,000 credits or more depending on the casino.

You can choose the amount to spend on each game and this varies from $1 for each game, up to $10 for each game with the payouts being much greater for the $10 games. For example, if you select 5 winning numbers for a $1 game your winnings will be 50 credits or $50. If the same 5 winning numbers are selected on a $10 game you win $500 credits or $500.

Strategies used by players are a very personal matter as there are no 'real' strategies when it comes to selecting numbers that are going to be generated randomly. A player plays what he feels are 'the odds' when it comes to his numbers coming up. Personally, I select the same 5 numbers every time I play Keno. I win some and I lose some but I have also won big on a few occasions. Playing these five numbers pays off more often than if I select the same 9 numbers every time, but the payoff for 9 numbers is much greater than the 5 numbers. The odds are that the longer you play a certain set of numbers, these numbers are bound to come into play at some point.

Another tactic for playing Keno is to select the maximum numbers allowed and this actually does pay off more often, but in much smaller wins. The theory behind this is that you are accumulating smaller pots, but consistently so. There is much more possibility of breaking even with this tactic than actually winning more than you started with. This does extend the playtime but not the bankroll.

Another popular strategy is to select a varied amount of numbers, randomly, each time a new games starts. For example, in the first game you may select 6 numbers at random, then for the next game you select 9 numbers randomly in hopes that the random numbers you selected coincide with some of the 15 numbers selected by the game.

Whether you're an experienced Keno player or this is your first time, you stand the same chance of winning as someone that has played his entire life. In Keno, the playing field is always level, and each new game gives you a new chance to win. As with all games of chance, luck plays a big part and if luck is not on your side this time, there is always tomorrow.