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How to Play Knock Poker

Combining aspects of the card games poker and rummy, Knock Poker can be played with as few as two and as many as six players, though the ideal Knock Poker game is usually limited to between three and five players.   Although somewhat similar to Knock Rummy, the hands are ranked in the same order as in poker.

Play begins with a single chip ante and then each player receives five cards, just as if a regular game of draw poker was being played.  The remaining undealt cards are then placed in the center of the table as a stock.  The opening player draws the card lying atop the stock, which he can then decide either to keep or to discard.  The other players then in turn can either draw from the stock or the discard pile.  This is how the game invokes Rummy. 

After drawing a card, but before discarding it, a player can knock.  What is meant by a knock is basically that the player is calling for a showdown.  A showdown in turn means that the other players only get one more chance for a draw.  After that the cards are revealed and the high hand wins the pot.  If the player who called the knock wins, he gets to take two chips from each of the players who stayed.   Those who felt they couldn’t win and decided not to stay “escaped” meaning that they had previously paid the player who called the knock a single chip in order to get out of play.   One advantage for calling the knock is that the player who calls the knock gets to keep these escape chips even if his hand ultimately doesn’t win.  However, if this occurs and he the player who called the knock doesn’t win, he must pay the the winner an extra two chips.

The rules of Knock Poker are not exactly fluid; sometimes the game is played for bonuses depending on the hand.  For instance, if the player who calls the knock wins with certain hands he gets awarded certain extra bonuses.  Typically, a royal flush would earn the winning knocker an additional four chips from each player.   A straight flush would earn him two chips.  Sometimes the game is even played for such bonuses as an extra chip or two if the knocker didn’t draw any cards.